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This is such a challenge in my house. I have 2 very picky eaters. My husband doesn’t eat any fruits or vegetables and my son won’t eat anything that isn’t macaroni and cheese or applesauce. Meal planning has proven to be quite the challenge for me, but I think I am finally getting some success.
I am also working on getting all of our butts off the couch. Electronics have unfortunately taken over my house, and in a desperate attempt to reverse this spell I am implementing some fun ways to get our butts moving!!

How I kept my sanity during this insane holiday

As if Christmas isn’t hectic enough all on its own my family added in a string of illnesses and I still had to go to work.  The day before Christmas eve I thought I was actually going to lose my mind. I was convinced that Christmas was going to be ruined and I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Presents still were not wrapped, my house was a tissue filled disaster, my kiddo was still spiking fevers, and then I felt the ick creeping into my body. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to make it through the next few days. Let me tell you what ladies and gentlemen…my husband is a saint. He is beyond words amazing. That man held this house together and he kept me calm during the whole mess. He finished our last-minute shopping and pulled the house together while I spent hours and hours on the recliner rocking and cuddling our sick little man.  Mr. Lyle can drive me absolutely mad at times, as most men do, but he really is so good to me. I will never understand how I got lucky enough to find someone so wonderful.

Okay enough with the mush…This crazy virus that has taken over our house is one for the books let me tell you. The three of us are all suffering from different symptoms and there is no end in sight for the adults. Braxton started feeling more like himself after about a week. His fevers were the hardest to keep down. He was just a grouchy mess for days. Thank heavens he didn’t get the sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose, sneezing, achy body, nasty mess that his dad and I have. We are a walking ad for Nyquil right now. Our entire house is being infused with Vicks Vapor Rub.

I’m so thankful that Andy has had off work this past week, because he has been keeping up with the constant sanitizing. Unfortunately for me I had to work. Most of my adult life has been spend teaching preschool which has almost always meant long holiday breaks. This year with my new job I got one day off for Christmas…not impressed. I literally hated going back to work the day after Christmas because I didn’t get to put my house back in to order. Here it’s Friday and I still have presents stacked around the tree. I cannot stand it. Anyone that really knows me knows that I’m certainly not a neat freak and my house is in no way, shape, or form neatly organized BUT this chaos is too much. My plan was to put everything away today but this sickness kicked my ass today. My head is so full of crud and my body aches from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. The only things I got accomplished today was making shower bombs and soup. Braxton stayed in his jammies all day and just lounged around while I tried so hard to start recovering. I let Andy take the day off since his body wasn’t so achy today. I was pretty happy that he got to go hunting actually, He has been cooped up in this house far too long, and having some fresh venison in the deep freeze is always nice.

Alright so during this holiday madness I did try to use my unexpected down time to my advantage. I tried to come up with some fun blog ideas for the new year. I have been wanting to do a post about organizing your entire house in 2 weeks, so I created a little plan for how to start. I mean what better time to make changes around the house? I have a bunch of new stuff and my kid has more stuff that I can handle. I’m going to start by donating a ton of old toys. He has things in his toy box that he hasn’t played with ever, so it’s time to do a sweep.

I decided to develop a new way to organize all of his stuff, too. I am going back into preschool teacher mode and incorporating some of my old strategies into his bedroom and his playroom. I need to order (or search on swap and sell) for some shelves that I can put cubbies on.  I might even bust out some labels. There is zero method to the madness right now. He has 2 Thomas boxes that all his stuff just gets thrown in to. I think that is why he never plays with anything. If there are was more organization then he would be able to see what is there. So, that is one my plans. I am going to completely re-do Braxton’s “zones” and hopefully you guys can follow the process and add any tips along the way.

I also got some new furniture pieces for Christmas so the living space of my house is going to need a major makeover. My kitchen might be the smallest kitchen on earth and my awesome in-laws got us a portable dishwasher. I have been living without a dishwasher for like 6 years and I hate hate hate it. I was so excited when we opened that damn dishwasher. The only problem is I have no clue how I am going to make it fit in my kitchen. I am going to have to get crafty. So again I will post pics of the before and I’m hoping that you guys can give some advice.

My new TV stand will be easy to add to the living room. I have been dying to take the table that the TV is on currently to our laundry room. I want a tall table to fold on and it is perfect. However my laundry room is a whole other project. I have never decorated my laundry room. It is literally just a plain white room with 2 shelves full of junk and my washer and dryer. I have so many ideas and I am hoping that over the next month I can start to add little things here and there. I know I won’t be able to do everything I want to all at once because we are on a budget, but a little at a time will eventually make something really cool I think.

I wish  I could load some of my photos today but unfortunately I am waiting for an amazing order with my new micro sd card. I got a new laptop and I didn’t realize that it wasn’t compatible with my original sd cards. I have so many photos that need edited and uploaded but I can’t do anything until it gets here. LAME!! It should be here in about 2 days so be prepared for photo overload!!!



I have been a migraine sufferer since I was 15 years old. I will never forget being at my 9th grade renaissance fair dressed in a puke green corset dress when the evil started to creep up on me. My neck, shoulders, and head started aching first. Shortly after I got super sick to my stomach and my vision went a little blurry. I had to call my mom to come pick me up, and I could not get home and out of that dress fast enough. I slept for 12 hours and then ended up in the emergency room where they told me I was having a migraine. It was awful and every one of them since that day have been equally as terrible.

I have spent months logging my every move to discover some of my triggers. Tight fitting clothing, sleeping too long or on a pillow that doesn’t support my neck, eating too much fermented cheese are just a few of my triggers. There is also a certain time of the month that I am guaranteed to suffer from a migraine. It doesn’t matter how much I plan for it and take precautions my monthly cycle brings with it a killer migraine every time.

I have been prescribed numerous medications to treat them and even some to try to prevent them, but nothing really works for me. I take two Excedrin and one Benadryl when I feel one creeping up and occasionally that will work. That is the only pharmaceutical method that works for me though.

My mom has introduced me to so many natural methods that ease the suffering! I have put together a few pages that are hopefully helpful to anyone else that is effected by migraines.


Stay tuned for a DIY on Vicks Vapor Shower Bombs!!!!

Cold & Flu

Seriously guys…how many of you just wanted to bail on work yesterday and stay in your jammies all day? The cold temps and all that rain had me so unmotivated. By the time 5:00 rolled around I raced to pick up Brax and could not get home fast enough. Once we were dressed down and settled in for the night we decided to have a movie night. Those are my favorite kind of nights. When everyone in the house is calm and cozy!
While I was laying there wrapped in my softest blanket, sipping on a steaming cup of hot chocolate, I could feel the congestion starting to build in my head. With cold and flu season upon us it is time to bust out all of our germ fighting defenses. Against my moms wishes I still use products like Lysol and Clorox to kill off germs. If it was up to my mom I would be a totally green household. She lives a very holistic lifestyle. It’s not that I don’t trust her way of life, but I feel more confident that the cold and flu germs are being killed if I use my usual products.

I have started to take her advice on infusing my home with essential oils. I will burned eucalyptus in one of my oil warmers last night. It is often used to help with congestion. I love the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub, so the smell of the eucalyptus is such a comforting aroma.

Even though I did enjoy the oil burning I still used Vicks on my chest.  When I woke up this morning I did feel much better, but my throat was a little sore so I’ve been sucking on cough drops all day. When I go home tonight I’m going to have to ask my mom what oils I should use to help with that as well. I don’t want the rest of my house to get sick so I plan on busting out the heavy artillery’s when I get home tonight. Unfortunately it’s one of my late nights so it will be well after 7:00 by the time I get home. Luckily my son likes to help me clean though. If you give my kiddo a broom he will sweep the entire house…including the toilet LOL!!! So while he is “cleaning” my floors I will disinfect.

Just curious…does anyone think that chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are the best comfort foods when your sick with a cold? I also enjoy green tea with honey and a lemon cough drop. My mom used to always put a lemon flavored Halls cough drop in my tea when I was sick as a child and I will use this little trick on my kiddo someday as well. Thanks momma!!


Digestive Detox Phase #1

Turkey, mashed potatoes, biscuits, carbs, carbs, more carbs….I don’t know about anyone else but my digestive system is so out of whack. All the Thanksgiving meals and leftovers have me so bloated and squeezing tightly into my pants. I need to start detoxing my system pronto. I plan on doing a 14 day digestive detox. I do my detox in phases…

Phase #1 “Warm-Up”

I drink Yogi tea for just about every ailment under the sun.  These 3 detox teas are delish!

Days # 1-3

Breakfast: Hot tea, apple, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: Hot tea, salad with 3 oz protein, lemon and vinegar dressing, apple

Dinner: Hot tea, 3 oz protein, hard-boiled egg, roasted asparagus

**Drink 8 glasses of water and 4 glasses of chilled tea throughout all 3 days**

Chilled Tea Recipe: Boil 6 cups of water with 3 tea bags. I use the Original Yogi Detox (no flavor). Steep for 5 minutes. Dispose of tea bags and add 3 slices of lemon.  I add 2 tsp of honey for taste. Chill 4-6 hours.

Hot Tea: Choose flavor tea bag. Boil 2 cups of water with one tea bag. Steep for 5 minutes. Add 1 slice of lemon and honey for taste.

Stayed tuned for Phase #2

Thankful prep….

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year for the first time. My mom and I have decided to split the meal preparation in half. I have never cooked a turkey before, so of course I’m a little nervous. I made my grocery list today and I’m sending Andy to Wegmans to gather all of our needed ingredients.

I am responsible for making the turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and apple crisp. I have the green bean casserole mastered. I use the very simple recipe from Campbell’s. The mashed potatoes are going to be tricky. My mom uses a few secret ingredients and this will be my first time trying the recipe. One of her little secrets is to boil the potatoes in chicken broth. Sour cream is also a little family trick we use. It adds a creamy texture that is just perfect. The other ones have to remain a secret for now.

Has anyone ever used Honey Crisp Apples to make apple crisp? I know that Granny Smith’s are the most common, but I have a ton of Honey Crisp’s already and I was just going to use them.

Today was just the beginning of the prep. We are going to make some DIY decorations later this week. I also have some fun arts and crafts projects planned for Braxton. We will tackle those Tuesday night since that is the only night before Thanksgiving that I don’t work late.

If you have any cute table top decoration ideas share in the comments. I am still undecided about how we are doing the table. I got a super cute burlap runner with a chalkboard center strip for the kids to doodle on. That is as far as we have gotten.

Thanks for reading! This week is going to be busy and fun. I can’t wait.

Coffee First

Our morning routine has never been much of an actual routine! It usually involves me scrambling around to find something cute to wear to work and putting half my face on.  Andy and I usually rock, paper, scissors for who has to drag Braxton out of bed (he is seriously so much like his dad) and ten minutes later we rush out the door.

Well those days are over….

6:30 am ~ I forced myself to get out of bed when my first alarm went off. I’ve mastered starting the Keurig in the dark, and it’s actually kind of nice to be alone for a little while to enjoy the first rush of caffeine to my veins.

7:00 am ~ Messy bun? Curl it? Blow it out? Ugh I struggle with the decision to put effort into my hair or throw it on top of my head every morning. I’m actually getting pretty sick of having this boring hair style. I might get something with some spunk? What do you think?? Keep it longer or go fun and spunky??

I decided to keep it naturally wavy today, but I’m sure it will end up piled on top of my head soon enough.

I went with the basics for my face today, too. Just a little eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I spent too much time debating over my hair and I ran out of time to do my whole face.

7:45 am ~ Braxton is still laying in his jammies watching Paw Patrol on his Kindle Fire, but at least he has started munching on his toast. Some days we have to delay breakfast until we are in the car…don’t judge!! He asks for toast every morning and that is pretty easy to bring along for the ride. I quickly eat a yogurt and a piece of toast. I really want to start making smoothies for breakfast. I don’t have a blender yet…does anyone have a good blender at home that they recommend? How about some smoothie recipes? Kid friendly would be really helpful!!

8:17 am ~ Two minutes late isn’t bad!! Now I have to go to work for 10 hours and puff air in people eyes!


12 hours later…

8:00 pm ~ I only work 2 late nights a week but I hate it. By the time I get home on these nights my boys have already had dinner and done bath time. I barely get to see Andy before he goes to work, and Braxton goes to bed a few minutes after I walk through the door. I am thankful that it’s only 2 nights, and it does make me happy that they get to spend some alone time together. My work hours make it a little hard to stick to a nightly routine, but we try.

8:30 pm ~ I’ve started a new nightly skin care routine. For 10 years I was a preschool teacher and I didn’t often wear make-up other than simple eye liner and mascara, but now I’ve become a huge fan of putting my full face on. I shared with you what I look like before all my beauty routines….tune in tomorrow and I will share the after results and some of my favorite products.

Good night guys!!

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