I have been a migraine sufferer since I was 15 years old. I will never forget being at my 9th grade renaissance fair dressed in a puke green corset dress when the evil started to creep up on me. My neck, shoulders, and head started aching first. Shortly after I got super sick to my stomach and my vision went a little blurry. I had to call my mom to come pick me up, and I could not get home and out of that dress fast enough. I slept for 12 hours and then ended up in the emergency room where they told me I was having a migraine. It was awful and every one of them since that day have been equally as terrible.

I have spent months logging my every move to discover some of my triggers. Tight fitting clothing, sleeping too long or on a pillow that doesn’t support my neck, eating too much fermented cheese are just a few of my triggers. There is also a certain time of the month that I am guaranteed to suffer from a migraine. It doesn’t matter how much I plan for it and take precautions my monthly cycle brings with it a killer migraine every time.

I have been prescribed numerous medications to treat them and even some to try to prevent them, but nothing really works for me. I take two Excedrin and one Benadryl when I feel one creeping up and occasionally that will work. That is the only pharmaceutical method that works for me though.

My mom has introduced me to so many natural methods that ease the suffering! I have put together a few pages that are hopefully helpful to anyone else that is effected by migraines.


Stay tuned for a DIY on Vicks Vapor Shower Bombs!!!!