We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year for the first time. My mom and I have decided to split the meal preparation in half. I have never cooked a turkey before, so of course I’m a little nervous. I made my grocery list today and I’m sending Andy to Wegmans to gather all of our needed ingredients.

I am responsible for making the turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and apple crisp. I have the green bean casserole mastered. I use the very simple recipe from Campbell’s. The mashed potatoes are going to be tricky. My mom uses a few secret ingredients and this will be my first time trying the recipe. One of her little secrets is to boil the potatoes in chicken broth. Sour cream is also a little family trick we use. It adds a creamy texture that is just perfect. The other ones have to remain a secret for now.

Has anyone ever used Honey Crisp Apples to make apple crisp? I know that Granny Smith’s are the most common, but I have a ton of Honey Crisp’s already and I was just going to use them.

Today was just the beginning of the prep. We are going to make some DIY decorations later this week. I also have some fun arts and crafts projects planned for Braxton. We will tackle those Tuesday night since that is the only night before Thanksgiving that I don’t work late.

If you have any cute table top decoration ideas share in the comments. I am still undecided about how we are doing the table. I got a super cute burlap runner with a chalkboard center strip for the kids to doodle on. That is as far as we have gotten.

Thanks for reading! This week is going to be busy and fun. I can’t wait.