Our morning routine has never been much of an actual routine! It usually involves me scrambling around to find something cute to wear to work and putting half my face on.  Andy and I usually rock, paper, scissors for who has to drag Braxton out of bed (he is seriously so much like his dad) and ten minutes later we rush out the door.

Well those days are over….

6:30 am ~ I forced myself to get out of bed when my first alarm went off. I’ve mastered starting the Keurig in the dark, and it’s actually kind of nice to be alone for a little while to enjoy the first rush of caffeine to my veins.

7:00 am ~ Messy bun? Curl it? Blow it out? Ugh I struggle with the decision to put effort into my hair or throw it on top of my head every morning. I’m actually getting pretty sick of having this boring hair style. I might get something with some spunk? What do you think?? Keep it longer or go fun and spunky??

I decided to keep it naturally wavy today, but I’m sure it will end up piled on top of my head soon enough.

I went with the basics for my face today, too. Just a little eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I spent too much time debating over my hair and I ran out of time to do my whole face.

7:45 am ~ Braxton is still laying in his jammies watching Paw Patrol on his Kindle Fire, but at least he has started munching on his toast. Some days we have to delay breakfast until we are in the car…don’t judge!! He asks for toast every morning and that is pretty easy to bring along for the ride. I quickly eat a yogurt and a piece of toast. I really want to start making smoothies for breakfast. I don’t have a blender yet…does anyone have a good blender at home that they recommend? How about some smoothie recipes? Kid friendly would be really helpful!!

8:17 am ~ Two minutes late isn’t bad!! Now I have to go to work for 10 hours and puff air in people eyes!


12 hours later…

8:00 pm ~ I only work 2 late nights a week but I hate it. By the time I get home on these nights my boys have already had dinner and done bath time. I barely get to see Andy before he goes to work, and Braxton goes to bed a few minutes after I walk through the door. I am thankful that it’s only 2 nights, and it does make me happy that they get to spend some alone time together. My work hours make it a little hard to stick to a nightly routine, but we try.

8:30 pm ~ I’ve started a new nightly skin care routine. For 10 years I was a preschool teacher and I didn’t often wear make-up other than simple eye liner and mascara, but now I’ve become a huge fan of putting my full face on. I shared with you what I look like before all my beauty routines….tune in tomorrow and I will share the after results and some of my favorite products.

Good night guys!!

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